Welcome to the Bulkley Valley Quad Riders Society

The Bulkley Valley Quad Riders Society (The Society) is a non profit society formed by Smithers and area residents to provide a family oriented group which can get together for various rides and other functions.

The Society's goal is to promote and sustain the recreational and safe use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in our area. We encourage environmentally friendly practices in and around our forests by educating those who use ATVs and other off highway vehicles.

We will endeavor to create and maintain several scenic routes and trails in the Bulkley Valley for responsible public use. We intend to increase our membership to include all responsible ATV users in the Bulkley Valley and beyond.

We are determined to educate and show all of those who are opposed to the use of ATVs in our area that we are about preserving sensitive ecosystems. We will strive to become a pillar in the recreational ATV community and plan to host many functions at all levels of ATVer abilities in and around the Bulkley Valley.

2017 Solstice Paddle and Potluck

You are invited to celebrate the Summer Solstice, at Round Lake, this Sunday, June 18. Come relax, share some fine food and listen to live music on the shores of Round Lake, at the 5th Annual Round Lake Summer Solstice Paddle, Potluck and Music by the Lakeshore. full details...

Chain Saw Raffle

Win a Stihl MS 291C with a 20” bar plus everything you need to bring in the firewood this fall. full details...

Dome Mountain Ride

17.8 kms from the parking lot on the backside of the Dome (Paradise Lake) there is a large slide opening up on trail.

Fulton River Ride

A few members ventured out on Sunday and rode from about 41 km on the Smithers Landing road, along Fulton Lake and River to the Fulton Salmon Project. We double backed to Granisle and returned via the Granisle Connector.


You can now join or renew your membership online. This service is offered through ATVBC and includes ATVBC and club memberships. Join/Renew

Telkwa Caribou December Locations

Report on the latest with this herd: Jan 27 2017 Locations

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Ride Catalogue

We are currently developing a catalogue of ATV ride trails within the Bulkley Valley. Each ride will have gps data, mapped track, location and directions as well as general conditions and duration.

Interested in retracing one of our rides... view the ride catalogue

Backroad Mapbooks


All sorts of outdoor recreation guides you maybe interested in. Latest products, 2012 are available for our area. Backroad Mapbooks

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